Endless dreams

  • Scene: Children
  • Performance type: Puppet show
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Premiere: 25.03.2010
  • Age: 6+

Directed by: Bonjo Lungov
Translation and versification: Tomislav Osmanli

This performance is produced to celebrate the 20 years of existence of Children and Youth Theatre- Skopje. The aim was to make one show that will summarize all of these past years, and bring back all of the characters that we had the privilege of playing for you, back on stage.

The performance itself has no standard narrative, it was made in several sequences that can be independent from each other, but still are merged in a way by the way of imaginative transitions from one world to another. Since there is not much spoken word, the atmosphere and the ambience is defined through music, sound, and the masterful creation of characters by using various objects, giving unexpected results.  This particulars piece is enjoyed by both audience and critics, and we can all agree that the director Bonyo Lungov really outdid himself, and helped us produce one more long-running show.

Assistant directors

Maja Encheva and Konstantin Karakostov

Stage and puppet author

Bonjo Lungov

Costume design

Maja Encheva

Selection of music and choreography

Konstantin Karakostov

FaLang translation system by Faboba

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