• Scene: Children
  • Premiere: 24.12.2021
30 May 2024 from 19:00 hours

Directed and dramatized by: Davor Dragojevic
According to the motifs from the fairy tale "Thumbelina" by Hans Christian Andersen

The play THUMBELINA is a new and modern reading of the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen, in which the main focus is on motherly love and its strength. The play touches on current topics in the modern life and growth of children such as diversity and acceptance of diversity in themselves and others, facing the cruelty of the world in the process of growing up and motherly love that is always here to protect and save us from all those dangers. The masterfully made dolls guided with perfect precision and feeling by all the actors in the team on stage create a magic that will empathize both children and adults, say the team of the play.

The director Dragojevic, on behalf of the play wrties:

".... Dream to fly
Do not be afraid
Both big and small
Dragonfly brings you dust.
Enjoy and love
Let your heart sing
Know where you are
"Motherly love is warming."


Davor Dragojevic

Scenography, costume design, design and making of dolls:

Kiril Vasilev


Alek Rodic

Translation, adaptation and playwright of the play:

Dragana Lukan Nikoloski

Song translation:

Tina Trpkoska

FaLang translation system by Faboba

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