• Scene: Children
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Premiere: 12.6.2021
  • Age: 6+

Directed by: Gorjan Milosevski
Author: Gorjan Milosevski

We live in a time when not only declaratively, but also practically we need to speak, actualize, set on theatrical stages, topics in the field of environment. It is inevitable from the earliest age, children, youth, but also adults to change previous living habits in which we have less and less sense of the environment.

In the play SUPERBIKEASTIC, the two heroes, children Mila and David, at the age of 10, start the biggest battle for our planet. For this purpose, David creates a super-ecological bicycle, guided by the inventions and designs of his ancestors - climatologists. That bike opens the door to a different, fairytale dimension where our heroes fight Nebrila Toxicnaya, the mother of all pollution, the queen of polluted air. To overcome it they have to go through many unusual, large and strange obstacles.

SUPERBIKEASTIC, through a lot of humor, fast paced storytelling and playful melodies, aims to make you realize that we really have very little time to prevent the great environmental threat that comes from the piles of waste that we create daily. It is a story about our world, seen from a different perspective, with a sharp and accurate message for us, for future generations and for a waste free and healthy environment.

The play itself communicates these messages with the audience with the help of clearly constructed characters that sometimes remind us of characters from animated films, complemented by grotesque games and images of familiar situations from our everyday life.

SUPERBIKEASTIC is an ecological fairy tale for children, but also for adults, whose goal is to arouse the empathy of the audience for greater care for the planet Earth, our only home.

According to the ideas of:

Gorjan Milosevski and Igor Ivkovic

Stage design

Filip Korunovski

Costume design

Elena Vangelovska


Mare Trajkovska


Oliver Josifovski

Choreography :

Dafina Daniloska-Kocevska


FaLang translation system by Faboba

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